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Pokemons Red and Blue were the original Pokemons. Also, if you want to play them now on your computer, go to [1] for Pokemon Blue, [2] for Pokemon Red, and [3] for Pokemon Yellow, which is based off of Red and Blue, but gives you a Pikachu as your starter.

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These Pokemon games have 251 Pokemon, and we're going to teach you everything there is to know about them. First off, let's go with Pokedex entry #1. Bulbasaur. It is a starter, and evolves into Ivysaur at lv. 16, and from there Venusaur at lv. 32. So, if you have like a lv. 10 one, you still have a little while to go. Bulbasaur can know are Tackle and Growl at lv. 1, Leech Seed at lv. 7, Vine Whip at lv. 13, Poison Powder at lv. 20, Razor Leaf at lv. 27, Growth at lv. 34, Sleep Powder at lv. 41, and Solar Beam at lv. 48. Bulbasaur is Grass/Poison, is 2' 04" tall. It weighs 15 pounds on the dot. For more info on Bulbasaur in general, visit his page right here on this Wiki!

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